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We kept no compromise on quality since the first day of establishment of ATAI FUJI by receiving ISO9001/ISO14000 and use it as a base to create our quality controls system, in order to keep providing fine Coolant Pumps, Ring Blower and Vacuum Pumps for our customer continuously. And keeping working on reducing environmental shock, find and solve issue with progress, reducing energy & raw material waste to provide trustable and reliable products for good.

About us

When ATAI FUJI established as a 100% invested branch by FUJI ELECTRIC JAPAN, the main target and religion given by the head quarter for this oversea subsidiary is to create highly international competiveness.

Since we had completely implemented the essence of R&D, process management and quality control system from the mother corporation with 100 plus year fabrication experience, this business mode has enormous globalized competiveness adding the domestic adjustment and improvements with localization in Taiwan.

For the last 20 years, ATAI FUJI had shown great international competiveness by remaining top market shares on reselling domestic made products back to Japan, suppressing tough competitor such as Hitachi and Mitsubishi.

We strengthen the mobility and flexibility as a domestic company after the reorganization in 2010, the continuous progress from our team help us to keep leading position in the tough international market.

Corporation structural chart

Environmental policies

■ Basic Concept


            Implementing Environmental protection by following certain rules and regulation.

            Keep preventing pollution and progressing activities by establishing environmental management system.

            Strengthening Health & safety plus anti-pollution process to suppress and lowering environmental shock.


■  Environmental policy


     Comply with environmental laws and regulations and implement environmental protection.
     Establish an environmental management system to improve the environment and prevent pollution.
     Strengthen security and anti-pollution measures to minimize environmental impact.

■  Activity guidelines


            Following related laws, regulation and basic policy about Environmental protection from our Business Group; we setup our

            own guidelines and standards for fully operation of saving environment.

            We would keep progressing and establishing our Environmental management system by setting up goals and proceed

            internal Audition.

            We consider all the process for our product, from material purchasing till its disposal, in order to workout a society with the

            characteristic of saving energy, environmental protection and resource recycle usage.

            Improving all the process from production method to sales workflow in order to reduce waste, accomplishing resource reuse by


            Raising all employee Consciousness about environmental protection and further understanding about our action policy by

            proceeding education and training.

            Requesting main vendor to follow up our activities for environmental protection by implementing eco-material, parts, equipments

            and daily commodities.

            Creating an environment with harmony by communicating with local society through information exchange and proper

            correspondence to enhance trust relationship with each other.

Quality Assurance

Company history

1997 Established as 100% subsidiary of Fuji Electric Corp. Japan.

1998 Begin operation with fully integration of design, fabrication and quality management system from Fuji Electric.

1999 Defeating rival such as Hitachi and Mitsubishi to reach top market share holder in Ring Blower/Coolant Pump market in Japan.

2001 Coolant Pump/ Ring Blower both reaching cumulative production for 100,000 Pieces.

2002 Implementing FFU business for clean room usage.

2004 Receiving ISO 9001:2000 Authentication.

2005 Accomplishing next generation Ring Blower Research & development and received special production development award by

          Fuji Electric Japan.

2006 Receiving ISO 14001:2004 Authentication.

2008 Awarded as excelling exporting companies by Ministry of Economic Affairs.

2010 Company Reorganization as a Local shareholding company.

2011 Developed New VKA high pressure Coolant Pump.

2012 Developed KT series turbo fan.

2014 Developed SPA/MPA series Dry Screw Vacuum Pump.

2015 Receiving SBIR subsidy by Ministry of Economic Affairs to develop dry Vacuum pump with variable pitch screw rotor SPB/MPB

          series successfully.

2015 Receiving Dun & Bradstreet elite SME (small & middle enterprise) Award.

2016 Developed next generation intelligent Dry screw vacuum Pump NPB/UPB series with multiple patents.

2016 Receiving Dun & Bradstreet elite SME Award again.

2017 Receiving the 19th Rising Star Award from Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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