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             Exhibition Name: Shanghai Solar PV Exhibition in 2018

             Exhibition date:

                                      May 28, 2018 09:00~17:30

                                      May 29, 2018 09:00~17:30

                                      May 30, 2018 09:00~15:00

             Exhibition address: China Shang Hai City Pudong New Dist Longyang Rd. No.2345

             Hall location: N4-670

             Products on display: The latest intelligent vacuum pump (high energy saving version)




New Business, Innovation, Contact to the Globe

Rising Star Award Ceremony


The 19th Rising Star Award Ceremony by Ministry of Economic Affairs took place on Nov. 18th 2016.

The chosen excellent SMEs were awarded by the Minister with encouragement and support.

SMEs are devoted for innovation and regarding initiative spirit as an important point. They are willing to break through all the bottle neck and keep upgrading technology in order to precede industrial transformation. We may say “bring forth new ideas and stick to overcome barriers” are the true colors of Taiwan local Small & Middle Enterprises.With the core values of “small but beautiful, delicate and powerful”, SMEs are becoming rising stars for international stages, showing main strength as the back bone of Taiwan Economy and trading expansion.

The awarded enterprises are devoted in the professional area, treat innovation and self advance seriously. These Small & Middle Enterprises are not only raised the adding value for the industry, but also becoming key element for Taiwan Economical development.

                                                                             联络方式     电话:886-3-321-3030 # 57  或   # 56



                                                                                                 业务代表 谢 Ken:kaian@ataifuji.com.tw

                                                                                                                    孙 Agnes:peiwen@ataifuji.com.tw                                  

                                                      Contact Method     TEL:886-3-321-3030 # 57  or  # 56


                                                                                     ADDRESS: No.32, Sec2, Chang-Hsing Rd., Lu-Chu Dist. Taoyuan City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

                                                                                     Sale Representative Ken:kaian@ataifuji.com.tw


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                                                                                                               業務代表 謝 Ken:kaian@ataifuji.com.tw

                                                                                                                               孫 Agnes:peiwen@ataifuji.com.tw

                                                                     連絡方式        電話:886-3-321-3030 # 57    # 56



                                                                                            務担当 謝 Ken:kaian@ataifuji.com.tw

                                                                                                            孫 Agnes:peiwen@ataifuji.com.tw