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Products Introduction

With unique product characteristics, and implementing overseas corporation with Hiroshima University and National Ilan University in Taiwan, our company had received recognition from the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Unit, along with professional subsidies and assistance for technology, and patent rights.By gathering latest technology from all aspect, plus multiple experiments and experience accumulation, ATAI FUJI had developed numerous particular techniques with are hard to imitate. Plus nontraditional production method, we implement these innovated technologies on product development by systemized processing and management. This could help us creating compete barrier with rival brands and secure market competiveness plus products uniqueness.

Dry screw vacuum pump


The Dry Screw Vacuum pump in our lineup has structure not using liquid to create clean and highly sealed environment. It could operate under special gas or steam without failure. Plus the MPA model with additional booster pump could provide high pumping speed; we are able to cover various customers’ needs with high flexibilities.We will keep our research and development in order to catch up needs for next generation.


Ring Blower/Turbo Fan

Our Ring Blower/Turbo Fan could operate for various applications in production equipment, related conveyer, and machine cooling devices. It has great improvement in efficiency, productivity and working environment. Furthermore, we have various model setting could reach the needs of our customer, and keep improving customer service by shorten the lead time along with related progress.


Coolant Pumps


The coolant pumps are widely used in machinery tools for lubricant flowing and cycling. The characteristic of our products (except the VKN model) with the non-mechanical seal structure could give the pump extremely high endurance with low maintenance cost.Plus our pump is having the best efficiency performance in the market which could reduce running cost dramatically also.


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